Welcome To New Life Baptist Church

New Life Baptist Church is a place of worship and honoring God through our sincere prayers. Baptist Church accepts the biblical mandate and works on spreading the message in both words and works. The death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection is a message that needs to be heard and imbibed in our lives. For this, we have developed a wide range of programs for every age, gender and race.

In the morning service, we make use of Praise and Christian Hymns. The bible is read every Sunday. It is followed by preaching of sermons. We take out sermons from a selected section of Bible, depending on the theme. The main aim of the preacher is to show you the importance and relevance of God’s teachings in our daily lives.

We believe that God has sincere love for sinners who are sincerely

ready to change and seek mercy. It is true that human body is born with a sinful nature and therefore we are bound to break the rules given to us in Ten Commandments. A sin results in eternal punishment in hell. But, God sent a substitute for all mankind – ‘Jesus Christ’ – and let him die for all those who were ready to repent for their sins. A human may commit sin but if he seeks mercy, he will surely be granted by true repentance and by acceptance with God.

A Church is a place where people come with trust of God and we encourage all members to be part of the service of Lord. Baptism means the child is totally immersed in water which has a symbolic meaning of washing of sin in Jesus’ blood. By performing this ritual, a Christian is baptized. For learning true meaning to life and finding true God’s love, you should visit our New Life Baptist Church.